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Welcome to Forum for the Future


FFF is a non-governmental organisation that was estabilished in October 1998 as a platform for bringing Namibians together to discuss issues of common concern. Through conferences, seminars, workshops and public lectures, FFF empowers Namibians to become actively involved in the issues that affect their lives, their communities and the future of their country. FFF cooperates with all Namibians regardless of their racial or ethnic orign, language or political party affiliation or religious belief. FFF activities encourage Namibians to involve themeselves in everyday affairs or their communities and society, thereby promoting and maintaining a vibrant civil society in the country.

FFF aims to foster a culture of respect for the democratic principles and values embodied in the Namibian Constitution, Therefore, the organisation advocates and facilitates critical and constructive discussions on political, social, economic, cultural and enviromental issues and events affecting the Namibian society and the wider international community.
FFF places special emphasis on working with the grassroots communities consisting mainly of the rural people and the urban poor. These people are the majority in Namibia but are excluded from intelligently influencing decision- making processes.

FFF advocates tolerance and respect for Namibia’s rich and diverse cultural wealth, while promoting nation-building and a Namibian identity. FFF intiates, supports and commisions projects and activities that express its aims and enhance the realisation of its vision. FFF cooperates with national and international bodies, institutions and individual persons that subscribe to smiliar principles. FFF has its own identity and is governed by an independent board of Trustees.

Mission Statement: Forum for the Future is a non-governmental organisation that strives towards empowering civil society to become vibrant and transparent, promote democratic values and actively engage in the democratic processes in Namibia