Nature and Background

The Forum for the Future (FFF) is one of the first Democracy, Human rights and Economic Justice organization to be established in Namibia, and is devoted to strengthening democracy and human rights in Namibia, SADC and abroad. It was established in 1998 to work together with civil society Forum for the Future is governed by the Board of Trustees. The organisation consists of two parts: the democracy and human rights and the economic and justice. The organization is a non-profit entity with the purpose of advancing the role of civil society. FFF is committed to the vision of working together with grassroots communities to advance a new wave of democratization from below countrywide.
The organisation’s primary concerns are to further consolidate Namibian’s democratic system, educate on economic justice, and actively advocate for civil society to participate in the democratic network. The Organisation is committed to the vision of working together with like-minded organizations and individuals, to advance a new wave of democratization countrywide.
The FFF strives to serve as a gathering point of information relating to democracy and human rights in the country, and as a platform for international exchanges and dialogue. One of the organisation’s core purposes is to promote advocacy and encourage projects related to improvement of democratic and human rights, and act as a watchdog in order to advance democracy-building theory and practice. There are many lessons to be learned from Africa’s recent experiences, as well as insights to be drawn from comparative looks at Namibian alongside other countries in the region. Such analysis, can both further the progress of Namibia’s own political development, and bolster the development thereby benefiting civil society.
With these ideas in mind, the organisation organizes activities with communities, international academic institutions, think tanks, and non-governmental organizations, and to individuals on ways of addressing different economic, political and social issues.